06 January 2011

VMware vSphere in VMware WorkStation (ESX, vCenter) - Part2

Step by Step Procedure to install and manage ESX server with VMware vCenter Server..in VMware Workstation.

Part-2: VMware vCenter Server installation...

Create a New Virtual Machine in VMware Workstation, and install windows 2003/2008 64bit edition in that VM.

Insert VMware vCenter Server DVD in VM..  Autoplay will open pop up window.

Click on vSphere Client.

Installation wizard for vSphere Client 4.1 will open, click on next.

Click on next.. in End user Patent agreement..

Select "i accept...." click on next.

Click on next in Customer Information..

Click on next..in Destination folder

Click on Install in the Ready to install program screen....

After finishing installation, launch vSphere Client..

Enter IP address of ESX server and give user name and password..

Select "Install this certificate ....." and click on ignore..

Click on OK in evaluation Notice..

Here is the Main screen of ESX server in vSphere Client..

Now Install the VMware vCenter Server..

Open VMware vCenter installer and click on vCenter Server..

Click on OK in Choose setup language Dialog box.

Click on Next..

Click on Next in End user Patent Agreement..

Select "I accept to... " and click on Next..

Enter customer information and click on next..

Click on next in Database options.

Click on next in vCenter Server Service

Click on next in Destination Folder..

Click on next in vCenter Server linked mode options.

Click on next in Configure ports.

Click on next in vCenter Server JVM Memory.

Click on Install.

 Click on Finish once the installation is complete.

 Congrats we've successfully installed VMware vCenter Server..