29 December 2010

VMware ESXi in VMware Workstation

Here is the procedure to install VMware ESXi server 4.1 in VMware workstation.

  • PC with Intel VT Enabled at least 3GB, Dual core or Core2Duo
  • VMware workstation 6,7 or 7.1
  • enough disk space.
 Change the VMware Workstation memory settings to use "allow the most virtual machine memory to be swapped"

Click on New Virtual Machine.

New Virtual Machine wizard will come

Click on Next, Select "I'll install the operating system Later".

Click on Next, Select " VMware ESX "as Guest operating system

Name the the virtual machine as you like

Specify Disk capacity

Click on Finish to create the VM

Click on Edit VM settings and change the CD/DVD properties to " Use ISO image file and select the VMware ESXi 4.1 ISO Image"

Click on "Power on this VM"

VMware VMvisor (ESXi) boot menu will come

press enter

VMware ESXi installer starts booting...

Press enter to install VMware ESXi 4.1

Press F11 to accept EULA.

Enter to continue with the selected Disk.

Press F11 to confirm install..

Installing ESXi...

Installation complete.. press enter to reboot.

Rebooting server..

 After reboot Main screen will come...

Press F2 to customize the System.. press enter to continue.

By default password is notset, Press enter to Configure password

Configure the password..

Press enter to OK..

Esc to Logout from System Customization..

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