12 November 2010

Samba 4 Domain Controller - Part 1

Here is the step by step procedure to install samba 4 domain controller.

Step 1: Server OS Installation.

Server minimum requirements:

1. PC with Dual Core/Core2 Duo processor.
2. 512MB RAM (2GB for better performance).
3. 100/1000 mpbs ethernet.
5. Internet Connection (to download Samba and other libraries).
6. Fedora Core 13 media.

Server OS (Fedora Core 13) installation.

Put the Fedora 13 media in DVD ROM and boot the system.

  • select " Install a new system or upgrade an existing system" from menu.

  • Skip the media test
  • click on next
  • click next with English as language
  • click next

  •  click next with basic storage option selected.

  •  click re-initialize all, Click next

  •  Enter host name for this server. ex: dc.admingeeks.blogspot.com (server name: dc, domain name: admingeeks.blogspot.com) , click next

  •  select time zone and click next

  •  enter the root password and confirm it.
  • select "use all space" option if you don't have any idea on partitioning, or select create custom layout if you know how to partitioning..
  • Click next with selected option.
  • click next with default settings for boot loader.
  • select "customize now", Click next

  • select " Development" on left side pane and select "Development Libraries", "Development tools" on right side
  • select "Servers" on leftside pane and select DNS Name server and FTP server, Click Next.
  • installation is going on, go and have some coffee..
  • Congratulations, your Fedora installation is complete. Click on Reboot
  • After restart, Click on Forward in Welcome screen.
  • Create a user
  • click Forward on date & time, Hardware Profile and Click on Finish.


Rajesh.D said...

When can we expect Part 2

Hari said...

Nice Post, i want information regarding Active Directories

Anonymous said...

Nice Article
I wait to see more


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