12 November 2010

Samba 4 Domain Controller - Part 2

Step 2: Samba 4 download and Installation. 

  • Download the samba 4 alpha 13 package from here 
  • New: Download the samba 4 alpha 14 package from here
    Download package to user's home directory or some other place.( In my case it is in /home/admin)
    •  Now install/update some development libraries..

    Open terminal and type "su", press enter. Give root password, press enter. Then type " yum install libacl-devel libblkid-devel gnutls-devel readline-devel python-devel gdb pkgconfig".

    •  Once updated, type "ls -l"
    •  untar the file with this command "tar -xvzf <filename>"
    •  then "cd samba*"
    •  then "cd source4"
    •  follow the procedure to compile the samba package
    • to install samba type the following
    make install
    •  installer will install the samba to /usr/local/samba
    •  Now we have to provision samba
    The "provision" step sets up a basic user database, and is used when you are setting up your Samba4 server in its own domain.
    • make sure the you are in source4 directory.. type
     ./setup/provision --realm=admingeeks.blogspot.com --domain=ADMINGEEKS --adminpass=fedora@123 --server-role='domain controller'

    • run samba by this command
    • verify that samba service is running

    • verify samba server status
    smbclient -L localhost -U%
    That's it.  We have done.. Now samba will act as domain controller. Windows XP, Vista, 7 clients can join to this domain..

    Part 3: Configure DNS, Creating users, Managing users, Group Policy objects, Join Windows clients to this Domain, Windows server 2008 as Additional domain controller to samba.......


      D.Rajesh said...

      awesome ,thank you very much for posting........!

      Anonymous said...

      hope your next article :D

      Anonymous said...

      Dear Kishore,

      Excellent article. I wish that I can clarify certain things regarding samba4 on FC13 with you. My email id is replywalker@yahoo.com. Could you please send me your email address? Your kind response will be thankfully appreciated.



      Anonymous said...

      Dear Kishore

      Thank you for your article helped me a lot.
      Where can I get a part 3?

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