19 November 2010

AIX installation on a logical partition with HMC

This procedure can be used to perform a new or complete overwrite installation of base operating system (bos) on a logical partition with HMC.

  1. The logical partition should be made and available and must be with..
  • One CD/DVD-ROM
  • Enough Disk Capacity
  • One Network adaptor
  • The minimum CPU and memory requirements as memory 512MB, Disk space 2.2GB
     2.  Make sure that the following details are available.
  • Hostname
  • Ipaddress
  • Net Mask
  • Name server (optional)
  • Domain Name (optional)
  • Gateway (optional)

the procedure to install AIX BOS as follows
  1. activate the partition, as follows
  • Right-click on the partition to open the menu.
  • Select Activate. The Activate Partition menu opens with a selection of partition profiles. Be sure the correct profile is highlighted.
  • Select Open a terminal window or console session at the bottom of the menu to open a virtual terminal (vterm) window.
  • Select Advanced to open the Advanced options menu.
  • For the Boot mode, select SMS.
  • Select OK to close the Advanced options menu.
  • Select OK. A vterm window opens for the partition.
    2.In the SMS menu on the vterm, do the following:
  • Press the 5 key and press Enter to select 5. Select Boot Options.
  • Press the 2 key and press Enter to select 2. Select Boot Devices.
  • Press the 1 key and press Enter to select 1. Select 1st Boot Device.
  • Press the 3 key and press Enter to select 3. CD/DVD.
  • Select the media type that corresponds to the media device and press Enter.
  • Select the device number that corresponds to the media device and press Enter. The media device is now the first device in the Current® Boot Sequence list.
  • Press the ESC key until you return to the Configure Boot Device Order menu.
  • Select the device number that corresponds to the hard disk and press Enter.
  • Press the x key to exit the SMS menu. Confirm that you want to exit SMS.
    3. Boot from the AIX 5L Volume 1, as follows:
  •  Select console and press Enter.
  • Select language for BOS Installation menus, and press Enter to open the Welcome to Base Operating System Installation and Maintenance menu.
  • Type 2 to select Change/Show Installation Settings and Install in the Choice field and press Enter.
    4. Verify or Change BOS Installation Settings, as follows:
  • Type 1 in the Choice field to select the System Settings option.
  • Type 1 for New and Complete Overwrite in the Choice field and press Enter.
    Note: The installation methods available depend on whether your disk has a previous version of AIX installed.
  • When the Change Disk(s) screen opens, you can change the destination disk for the installation. If the default shown is correct, type 0 in the Choice field and press Enter. To change the destination disk, do the following:
    1. Type the number for each disk you choose in the Choice field and press Enter. Do not press Enter a final time until you have finished selecting all disks. If you must deselect a disk, type its number a second time and press Enter.
    2. When you have finished selecting the disks, type 0 in the Choice field and press Enter. The Installation and Settings screen opens with the selected disks listed under System Settings.
  • If needed, change the primary language environment. Use the following steps to change the primary language used by this installation to select the language and cultural convention you want to use.
    Note: Changes to the primary language environment do not take effect until after the Base Operating System Installation has completed and your system is rebooted.
    1. Type 2 in the Choice field on the Installation and Settings screen to select the Primary Language Environment Settings option.
    2. Select the appropriate set of cultural convention, language, and keyboard options. Most of the options are a predefined combination, however, you can define your own combination of options.
      • To choose a predefined Primary Language Environment®, type that number in the Choice field and press Enter.
      • To configure your own primary language environment, do the following:
        1. Select MORE CHOICES.
        2. Select Create Your Own Combination.
        3. When the Set Primary Cultural Convention screen opens, type the number in the Choice field that corresponds to the cultural convention of your choice and press Enter.
        4. When the Set Primary Language screen opens, type the number in the Choice field that corresponds to your choice for the primary language and press Enter.
        5. When the Set Keyboard screen opens, type the number in the Choice field that corresponds to the keyboard attached to the system and press Enter.
  • After you have made all of your selections, verify that the selections are correct. Press Enter to confirm your selections and to begin the BOS Installation. The system automatically reboots after installation is complete.
     5. Switch the partition to Normal Mode, as follows:

  • Right-click on the partition profile to open the menu. Be sure the correct partition profile is highlighted.
  • Select Properties.
  • Select the Settings tab.
  • For the Boot Mode, select Normal.
  • Select OK to close the Properties menu.
  • Right-click on the partition to open the menu.
  • Select Restart Partition.
  • Select Immediate for the Restart Options.
  • Confirm that you want to restart the partition.
  • When the partition has restarted, right-click on the partition to open the menu.
  • Select Open terminal window to open a virtual terminal (vterm) window.
   6. Complete the BOS Installation, as follows:

  • Type vt100 as the terminal type.
  • In the License Agreement menu, select Accept License Agreements.
  • Select yes to ACCEPT Installed License Agreements.
  • Press F10 (or Esc+0) to exit the License Agreement menu.
  • In the Installation Assistant main menu, select Set Date and Time.
  •  Set the correct date, time, and time zone. Press the F3 (or Esc+3) key to return to the Installation Assistant main menu.
  • Select Set root Password. Set a root password for the partition.
  • Select Configure Network Communications. Select TCP/IP Startup. Select from the Available Network Interfaces and press Enter. Enter the appropriate network information in the Minimum Configuration and Startup menu and press Enter. Use the F3 (or Esc+3) key to return to the Installation Assistant main menu.
  • Exit the Installation Assistant by typing F10 (or Esc+0).
  • The vterm window displays a login prompt.


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