12 August 2011

VMware vSphere 5 Installation


Here is the Step by Step installation of VMware vSphere 5....vSphere 5 onwards only ESXi is the hypervisor from VMware

                     Put VMware ESXi disc in drive and boot the machine.. (Virtual/Physical)\

Boot Menu:

Loading ESXi installer

Shows VMware version and loading VMware ESXi installer

ESXi Installer WELCOME screen will come, press "Enter" to continue the installation

Press "F11" in EULA screen

Installer is scanning for available devices

Press Enter to continue with the selected disk (or you can change to required one)

Press Enter in default keyboard layout

Please enter the root password ( in ESXi 4 we'll set this after installation completed), and press enter to continue

Press "F11" to install

Installing ESXi 5.0.0

Installation Completed.....

After restart, the main screen of VMware ESXi 5.0.0 looks..

You can Download vSphere Client v5 and manage this ESXi